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There's not much to it. we want you to love your hair...


Being a little girl even before I inserted into the hair industry there is this thing of Relaxed VS Natural. Because at a young age any amount of struggle meant you had “thick hair.” Fast forward end of 2006 while in Cosmetology school; I grew out my relaxer and learned how to manage my natural tresses. Over the years I struggled finding the right product that did exactly what my scalp and hair needed. Consistent moisture without the heavy weigh down. So coming across Egocentric Beauty I fell in love with its versatility. Using the hair products I realized it really does the job and is truly for all hair types.

Egocentric Products are:


All Organic

Self Preserving

Supreme Ingredients

Safe for Kids

Good for Men & Women

Tried & True

Good for You

They Work!


I'm all about placing goodness in your body and on your skin. With our products, we promise to provide you with the best, and our best- always!


what's an egocentric beauty?


Just picture yourself; Confident, Competent, fly, walking with purpose, and hair going any way it feels free- thats an Egocentric Beauty.

But, before you ask, yes, Men can be Egocentric too!


Join us...


With love,

Portina, CEO

100% Organic


Cruelty Free

Coconut oil Infused with 12+ herbs
Coconut oil Infused with 12+ herbs proven to strengthen hair, promote growth and prevent dry scalp
You cannot help but to smell👃🏾Crème de la Crème!Its fragrance comes from essential oils; essential
Happy Sunday! 🤗#EgocentricBeauty #OrganicHaircare #NaturalHaircare
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