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__ FINISHED PRODUCT __ from _mrshairtoday2012_Here are my results from using _egocentricbeauty! I li
 And that's what it's all about! Good hair is healthy hair that looks great, feels better, and makes
Are you looking for a cute back to school hair style for the little one_ _myhairspiration used Egoce
yehhhs hair! Egocentric Beauty _mskariba looks simply BOMB with her new style! Using those Egocentri
Crowned in Curls 👑 😍! _theshelahmarie #NaturalHair #HealthyHair #Growth #EmbraceThyCrown
Happy Sunday! 🤗#EgocentricBeauty #OrganicHaircare #NaturalHaircare
🌞 Summer is almost over...
Hey moms, the school year is around the corner, did you get your Egocentric Beauty products yet 👀_.
Beauty is not flawless; it shines even through your flaws ✨#EgocentricBeauty #NaturalHaircare #Organ
This is what happens when you use Egocentric Beauty's Crème de la Crème! Our products  provides mois
We want to know how you are using your Crème de la Crème! _moore
Great results comes to those who use Egocentric Beauty Products 💁🏾! This braid out was done on a f
This stuff makes your hair grow and flourish! It can be used on all hair types and it literally melt
Congratulations on your 2nd big chop ✂️💁🏾 _mskariba ! We are excited to witness your journey and h
No build up, soft and shinny hair after 5 weeks of being in a braided protective style! How many pro
We love when you're loving our products 😍! According to _hear_me_owt we are out here saving life's,
Egocentric Beauty is more then just hair products; we want you to feel as good as you look! Our prod
Cookin. NOLA bound! 🖒👌💜 #handmade #organichaircare #goodforyou #organic #longhair #healthyhair #e
Liquid Courage is Coconut Oil infused in natural herbs proven proven to help stimulate hair growth a
It's bed time! Little Ava is all ready!😍 Her daddy puts a little Liquid Courage on her scalp at bed
If you don't have your dynamic duo yet, it's okay summer just started! 💁🏾You have plenty of time t
Come see us tomorrow at CACNO for the _neworleansnaturalhairexpo , Yes we will have Egocentric Produ
Adding Liquid Courage to your daily routine will prevent dry scalp, rejuvenate dull hair, and promot
Love the definition!💜 Twist out! _msbellacalamity
Growth is a process it does not happen overnight
Twist out results on point using the Egocentric Beauty Combo pack!👌💜 Lovely!! She says _What I lov
Have you placed your order for your Egocentric Beauty products__ If not what are you waiting for_ Ou
F A C T S. This line began to provide a solution for our hair. Simply. We need moisture retention &
🌟RESULTS🌟 She's been using Egocentric Beauty products and her new growth is crazy- I've seen it fi
Live! When the last ingredient is LOVE, it's real
Today's puff had a mind of its own and it had a lot to say. 💜💜💜 Water what you want to grow... 🌱
Awesome results! 💜👍🙌 She loves it, you will too! Order your combo pack today www.egocentricbeauty
🌟P R E P O O🌟MY FAVORITE! I swear, I loathe wash day, lol
Boost your hair Ego; Be confident. Proud. Vibrant. Egocentric
 We take pride in providing you with the best organic haircare
 What's your hair goals_ Let Egocentric help you become Egocentric- it's a lifestyle!😆👌😍💜 #egoce
 🙌👌👍💜👏😆😍 repost from _amber_jokinen_First day using _egocentricbeauty Products on my pretty b
Being egocentric isn’t a flaw if you have the confidence to back it up! “I walk like this 'cause I c
TWIST OUT! The Egocentric Beauty Combo Pack is perfect for your LOC and twist out!! Try it out! repo
Keeping your hair moisturized is the key to retaining length. Ladies, E.B
Amazing twist out results from _mrshairtoday using the Crème de la Crème and Liquid Courage!💜 You w
Looking for a haircare product you can use for the whole family_ This is it! Take the fuss out of de
Egocentric Beauty was created for women, Men and children to flaunt their natural hair, effortlessly
I promise, these products have my hair on fleek at all times!🙌 No product buildup, stays well condi
__ L. O. C. __ Perfect pair for a perfect twist out!💜 On freshly washed hair, i love to use the oil
Egocentric Beauty at its finest! 😍😍👌👍 _aja_ stunt! ##blackgirlmagic #egocentricbeauty
 You know our products are safe for kids, and actually good for them!🍃💜 It stimulates growth, adds
 repost from _mskariba_My hair loves _egocentricbeauty products
 repost from _mskatherineallen_I've been wearing my natural fro for a few months now
 When you give hair what it needs, it cooperates
 T R A V E L
 How many products are out there that are 100% organic, grown AND made without the use of artificial
Did you get your Egocentric products yet, well what are you waiting for!_ 🙌😲 Our products smell go
It is hard not to smile when your natural hair is flawless! Egocentric doesn’t just help you look go
 repost from _jnharris26_Late post
Jammin' and loving that Liquid Courage! #Egocentricbeauty💜💙💚👍🙌👏 #Egocentricbeautyreview #love
Amazing coil results from _imadamejay using Crème De La Crème and Liquid Courage! Visit www.egocentr
 repost from _enlightened1ne_Flat braid out made possible by _egocentricbeauty #twa #natural #natura
__ RESULTS __ 👀🙌👍👏😍 #Egocentricbeautyreview repost from _seattlenaturals_Finally! Wash, dried,

Our products are SUPER Multi-use! Curious of the many ways you can put your products to use? Check out just a few...



Use the Creme de la Creme and pair with your favorite holding gel (we love Eco Styler), and have an amazingly moisturized and soft twist out!


For your natural hair, use a little Creme de la Creme on your hair for added shine, moisturization, and strength. It is awesome at growing your hair and preventing split ends.


Use Water as you "L" (Liquid), Liquid Courage as your "O" (Oil), and Creme de le Creme as your "C" (Cream) for a perfectly nourished style. The LOC method is a proven way to give your hair all it needs to seal in moisture (water) and add nutrients and vitamins to promote healthy hair growth at a rapid rate.


Just a little Liquid Courage goes a looong way! Use our super convenient applicator tip to apply a little oil to your scalp daily before styling and watch how healthy your hair and scalp feels!


At night, before wrapping your hair, or even before putting on your favorite decorative wrap, rub a little Creme de la Creme in your hands and smooth throughout your hair to assure that while your hair is resting your ends are protected from snagging, and your hair is still being fed with the proper nutrients and vitamins.


You would be amazed the type of waves that you can get when using a little Creme de la Creme on your edges along with your favorite edge control (we love the Edens Body Works hold), and slicking them down for a bun, or protective style. Your hair gets all the good stuff and just looks so luscious after!


You heard right! Dab just a small amount of Creme de la Creme on that beard and watch it flourish! The Biotin and vitamins inside of the product make your hair grow- all hair! Try it out!

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